A Litte Backstory

I'm Bart Noble and I'm a professional web developer most of the time but I'm also an illustrator.

I've loved drawing since as far back as I can remember but I'm just as fond of technology.

My career started in traditional design in 1994, working on original ideas for screenprinted and embroidered clothing (seeing somebody wearing a t-shirt you designed is quite exciting!).

As the Internet revolution was budding, I got into multimedia design and web design; an exciting time in the infancy of the World Wide Web! Eventually, my love of web design crossed over into Flash and after really enjoying a beginner programming course in college, I started picking up programming skills including ActionScript, PHP, ColdFusion, and more. Eventually I even started learning database design and administration. And even though I started doing much less design work and much more programming, I continue to draw and sketch comic strips, comic books, and just about anything else in my free time. For me, it's the perfect balance of left- and right-brain fun!

Currently I work as a web developer for a large art supply store which suits me fine as I love spending my paycheck there on pencils, paper, and ink.

Originally I'm from Canada but after quite a bit of moving around in my childhood, I've lived in the Houston area since 1983 and it's where I currently reside with my own family now.

I've had a book published in early 2013 as well as multiple commissioned jobs. If you're interested in reaching out to me about a project, feel free to contact me through my facebook page.